Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Very Special Visitor

Carter’s class has a ‘pet gorilla’, Bubbles, who goes home with one lucky child each Thursday to spend the weekend.  This past weekend was Carter’s turn with Bubbles.  Here’s what I prepared to go inside Bubbles’ journal to remember and share their time together.

Bubbles Visits Carter

April 16 19, 2010

Carter was really happy when it was his turn to bring home Bubbles!

Thursday afternoon and evening Bubbles got to know his new home for the weekend. We read his favorite story, and took a nice nap before playing some. They also watered the plants.


Friday Carter had swim lessons and a playdate at a buddy’s house, so Bubbles hung out with his new buddies, the orangutangs.


Saturday Bubbles came on a hike to visit Deer Hollow Farm at Rancho San Antonio. The baby animals were adorable, and Carter took Bubbles inside a hollow tree!


Monday Carter took Bubbles to Happy Hollow.  Bubbles was not tall enough to ride anything, but cheered Carter on as he tried out a few new ones and enjoyed some old favorites.

Bubbles couldn’t believe Carter rode The Frog Hopper twice!


Bubbles liked monkeying around with Carter in the redwood play structure the most of all--so much climbing and sliding!  They could have stayed all day.


However, all too soon it was time to head home.  The two pals could not resist a little nap in the car.  After a fun visit like that, who could blame them?  It was a perfect end to a fun visit.  We’ll miss Bubbles, but are happy to have made a new friend.


Bye, Bubbles!  Have fun visiting the next family!

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