Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camporee for 2

This past weekend was the mother-Brownie Camporee for a few troops in our neck of the woods. We’ve been looking forward to this since last fall. For me, time to reconnect with my oldest child. For her, time away from those little brothers!

We packed up to head over the mountain and through the woods—literally!—on Friday afternoon after I started one last load of dishes in the dishwasher, and pleaded with the boys to be good and listen to Daddy. A few hundred smothering kisses, and I was as ready to go as I’d ever be. I really did love the thought of all that time with Bunny, without stopping seven times during each sentence to fill a sippy cup, pry apart two fighting boys, slap a band aid on a phantom boo boo, wipe off a cheek (face or butt), wipe up a spill, pry apart train tracks, or burp Cole’s baby doll for him—but I also love doing all those things for the little guys, so the reality of two days without my boys was a hard leap to take. I think I said goodbye 14 times. Maybe 15.

Once some miles were behind us, though, the excitement of camping with the moms and girls took over. I love camping, and this was Bunny’s first camping trip ever! Setting up was ever so easy, since there were platform tents and cots. Compared to how Paul and I camped our way across the country a couple of lives ago, this was LUXURY camping.


The two troops from Bun’s elementary school were in Meadowlark campsite. Talk about gorgeous scenery! The trees are so thick and tall here. One thing I have always appreciated about our area is that nature has been very consciously preserved, and in a decent abundance.

Our first evening comprised of checking in, eating the dinners we brought in, doing a few crafts in the mess hall, and hanging out by the campfire.


No campfire is complete without S’mores!

Bunny had a difficult time adjusting to the new sleeping arrangements, and was not at her most rested the next morning. Thankfully she was able to fuel up on cocoa, and I was able to guzzle coffee, along with a plentiful breakfast.

Tired girl of nature here. :)

Saturday was filled with activities.

Bunny learned to tie a square knot.

She learned to build three kinds of fire. She also learned to whittle—albeit with a plastic knife and bar of Dial soap. :)

We went on a beautiful hike to Fern Grove and built a fairy house.

Some free play time was also afforded. Bun and her friends had a wonderful time exploring the woods without us moms. It was so nice, in this day and age of kids not being able to roam, to simply tell them to stay with their buddy and let ‘em have at it—and to be sure to be back before dinnertime.

The lovely banana slug…

Before dinner, we warmed up by the huge fire they built in the mess hall. This fire was to keep the large room warm during the skit and song performance after mealtime, but Bunny was tired of large crowds and noise by then. I was too, so we opted to head back to the campsite, where she played with another troop friend who had come to the same conclusion about noise and crowds.

They had a blast running around in the gloaming, sure they saw both fairies and a few zombies. Every once in a while they’d scurry back to the camp, squealing about a new discovery: I heard a ghost, a GHOOOST! Well, maybe it was a crow…

Meanwhile, I built a rather fabulous fire all by myself, which was roaring by the time everyone else returned from the skits. Bunny has insisted I add this: she did assist me by ripping cardboard pieces to kindle the fire. :)

More S’mores and some singing… then time to hit the sack. We slept like the dead that night! Fresh air and a full day will do that to you. The trees were singing in the wind all night, but Bunny sawed logs.

The next morning a big storm was blowing in, and the one whiff of the sausages they were cooking up for breakfast helped Bunny make a decision. I want to have breakfast in Santa Cruz.

Done and done-er. :)

Cafe Brasil was the perfect end to our camping trip. I think that may just have to be a tradition!


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Suzanne Sergis said...

What a fun time. I like the pic of the two of you.


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