Monday, April 05, 2010

Menu Plannin’ Monday: Under the Wire


With all these veggies hanging out ‘round these here parts, I have to get my act together making sure to include them all in the meals—no point in getting fresh, organic CSA veggies if we don’t eat ‘em! :) So far we’ve done pretty well with last week’s haul: artichokes were steamed and eaten both fresh and with the hearts scrambled into eggs on Saturday morning, green garlic has been standing in for regular garlic whenever possible, we had undone cabbage roll skillet, the beets & greens were pretty tasty, rutabaga was roasted and mashed into cauliflower (honestly, we didn’t like it much), and braised collard rapini played nicely with the Easter ham.

Can you believe we still have a good bit more to eat before Thursday’s pick up? The cool thing about how fresh these veggies are is they KEEP. Unlike the produce at a major grocer, this stuff was picked only 1-3 days before I had it in my grubby hands, so sometimes it’s fine to let it linger in the fridge for a couple of weeks (Russian Kale, I might be talkin’ to you).

Here’s my menu plan so far, with recipes linked where possible.

Monday: Mixed Greens & Sprouts w/ Oranges & Balsamic Chicken (this will help with the sprouts and radishes)
Tuesday: Vegetable Beef Soup in Crock
Wednesday: Ham & Leek Crust-less Quiche w Braised Yellow Chard
Thursday: Roasted 8-Piece Chicken w/Onions and veggie TBD
Friday - Sunday: TBD

While the pickup is not until Thursday evening, the weekly newsletter from our CSA is emailed on Tuesday, so I will be able to plan more fully tomorrow morning before grocery shopping. I’m thinking of making a gumbo and working in a salmon dinner somewhere… we shall see.

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