Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cookin’ the Book": Pioneer Woman’s Warm Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce


Sunday I tried another recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I’m trying to fit in at least two recipes a week with the goal of trying every one of her recipes--in the book, not her site!--by June 2010.

Spur of the moment, we had a few people over for dinner and I love an excuse to make dessert—so I did!  If I were a pragmatic woman, I’d have thought more carefully about the timing of a peach crisp, since it’s not exactly peach season here yet.  Undaunted by any kind of reality, I chose what seemed like decent fresh Chilean peaches from a big-chain grocery store.  That was my mistake: their produce is sketchy on a good day when buying something locally in season. I figured 7 peaches should be enough- but out of those, 4 were black inside and the other three were grey and the tiny specks of edible looking areas in them tasted like, well, nothing.  We’re talking flavorless.  BLECH!  Lesson learned.

By coincidence, I’d bought a large jar of Trader Joe’s very awesome peaches just a couple of days prior, so it was time to face facts and make do.

We loved the dessert so much I completely forgot to take a photo.  The crisp itself is good, but I really need to make it again sometime in peach season to give the recipe a fair shake.  The maple cream sauce was insane, insane I tell you!  The next morning it was great on my daughter’s oatmeal, and we also liked it straight up on some sliced strawberries.  What I’m saying is that sauce is worth the entire recipe, in my opinion.

You can find the recipe along with photos detailing its preparation HERE.  It’s a great, simple dessert.

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