Friday, September 04, 2009

Beeg Trees

Big Basin, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Today, since they'd almost gone for two full weeks, it was *about* time for a 4 day weekend off from school. So, I packed us off to get some nature time today... All started very well. We were out by 9:15, and I seemed to be making good time.

Then came the windy last 10 miles. And we discovered that Mr. Middle gets carsick on curvy roads. Made it 18 days in a row to the beach without any inkling of this, but Highway 9 did us in. Plus: Bonus souvenir tee shirt bought by panicky mom who realized she must've used her last stashed shirt 'last time'. Carter loves this shirt. Minus: he puked on it on the way home, too.

HOWEVER, we did have a great time while there. I was *so* ready to throw in the towel, but put it to a vote, and both kids wanted to press on. (Well, Cole was asleep...) The kids became filthy with dust and sweaty dust-mud, and all in all, I'd pack a few extra shirts, quickly school Carter on the use of a plastic bag to puke in, and definitely go back sometime, maybe in the spring.

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