Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walkathon '09

Saturday was the annual Walk-a-thon fundraiser at Bunny's school. This year the school had a huge goal of $40,000, and Bunny personally set a goal to walk 10 miles. I also volunteered to work a shift where ever they needed me during the event, and donated baked goods for the bake sale portion of the day, which is really like a fair with lots of walking. There's BBQ, raffles, silent auctions, crazy hair, you get the idea.

Bunny was raring to go. As luck would have it, we happened to have a massive heat wave that day... Paul had taken the Bunny and Carter to school, and I followed about half an hour after with Cole and snacks, which I just could not find enough time to pack that morning, as I was also baking cupcakes and brownies--last minute of course. :)

It worked out well that I was running late. Paul called and asked me to bring the beach umbrella. It was 9:45 and already in the upper 80s.

Paul walked a LOT with Bunny, sometimes cheering her on, sometimes prodding her on. It was HOT, did I mention that?

Cole was very happy to stay in the shade, and learned to enjoy having water dumped on his head to keep him cool.

Trudge, trudge, trudge. Round and round...
Finally Bunny made 7 miles, and we all agreed that was pretty good. Everyone was dragging, and they all did their best. I forgot to mention that Carter was really into the walkathon! He walked a LOT. Miles and miles... too bad he is too young to get pledges. But he did get a little pencil topper lap prize for being so gung ho, and it's a prized possession that surely will be much missed when he loves it to death (it's been 3 days and it's about 30% demolished already, haha).

We had planned to grill out at home, but the heat zapped all energy out of us grown ups, too.
So, we went to Alicia's for Mexican. Burritos are Bunny's favorite food from restaurants, so this was a very good place to celebrate.

It was SO warm that we didn't even need sweaters that evening, which was actually a nice treat in itself! Usually we walk to this restaurant, but we drove this time -- our legs were DONE. :)

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