Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday Bun's school kicked off their fall book fair. For fun we were invited to have a 'booknic' with the children during lunch, and siblings were welcome! Since I never get to participate in much due to the no sibling s policy in most else there, which I do understand, we were all over picnicking!

Cole and I picked up Carter from preschool and swung over to the picnic, which was already in full swing, as end of preschool and beginning of lunch were the same exact time. Thankfully his preschool is only 5 minutes away!

Small victory, but I was very glad I remembered our picnic/beach blanket, as this lawn is always soaked, even on 100 degree days. I swear, they must water the thing 8 hours every night. No less than 7 kids ate with us... some being friends of Bun's whose parents didn't get to come to the picnic.

Bunny was very excited, and happy to have us there. We all agreed this should be more than just an annual event. Maybe we can have a picnic for her birthday during lunch!

And, for the record, here is Cole with eyes! Haircut time again... :)

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Elle said...

Told ya she was happy you were there. You can see it in her eyes. :)


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