Thursday, September 24, 2009

I do it, Self!

Last week the boys and I went to the Discovery Museum for our first trip of the school year. We had not been there since May, and Cole's experience of the place is even more interactive than before. Three months is a long time when you're one!

For example, he'd never been big enough to really play with the firetruck. Cole's still very small by any measure, but he gets around pretty well.
He just has to put his all into it. Like climbing into the big huge cab of the fire truck, because you know he HAD to try out the steering wheel!

This is so high up!

When you're one, sometimes you have to even use your face for leverage. But do not DARE try to help him... he's going to do this all by himself!

Ta Da! He's as much proud of himself as happy to be finally taking this big boy out for a pretend spin.

We love the Discovery Museum!


Elle said...

Awww! Just like his big brother!

Kristianna said...

Yes! And he is *all* about doing every and anything Carter does. He is not letting a little think like two years in age and I'm not really sure how much more height slow him down. No, not King Cole!


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