Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi Ho-ly Crap This Game is Boring

Carter is really getting into board games. But, and I apologize in advance, not into the ones I look forward to playing with the kids. I love games. Clue? Oh yeah! Monopoly? You betcha! Trivial Pursuit? Oh, Mama!

We’re not quite up to that level yet. Crawl before you walk. Crawl before you walk. Little Man has to learn the concept of taking turns, of give and take, of not always winning… and a smidge of strategy, but that will come later. Now we’re in games that are really only of chance.

Enter Hi Ho Cherry-O. Get a card, put 10 cute little plastic cherries on it, spin the dial, and follow the instructions until someone finally picks all their cherries. Seems like it would take a couple of minutes, right? Oh, no. There are the ‘lose 2 or all of your cherry’ spaces of woe. Finally I made up the rule that if you’re under 5 you don’t have to put all the cherries back if you ‘spill the bucket’. I was DYING, sorry.

But, Carter loves it, and so we play a few times a week, when Cole is napping. Clue will be a reality in a few years. This is now, and now is pretty good.


Clorie said...

I LOVED Hi HO cheeri-0 when I was little!!! :) LOVED IT!

Kristianna said...

Carter loves it, too... he's a dirty cheat, though.


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