Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Need a quick, easy, wonderful dessert?

Sunday I really wanted to make my Burning Down the House Blueberry Tart. It’s my favorite thing I make, and I only make it in the late summer when blueberries are plentiful, as the recipe calls for a HUGE amount and they must be perfectly sweet. I planned it as the perfect end to a yummy meal of Carolina style pulled pork and broccoli slaw.

However, time simply got away from me, and I did not have time to make the tart *and* have it spend the necessary time setting up. So, what to do with all those berries? I needed to do something much simpler, and quicker. Clafoutis, it is!

Clafoutis sounds really fancy, or perhaps like some French ailment, but it’s divine beyond its simplicity. If cake married custard they might have clafoutis as a baby.

Just about any fruit seems to work for this dessert so far, as I’ve made it a bunch of ways over the past few years. I like to base it on THIS recipe, but use Kirsch as that’s the only fruit brandy I have and the tiny bottle seems to never run out in spite of having it for 5+ years (or sub fruit juice), use half and half, and use whatever fruit I have.

The batter is a lot like crepes, poured over fruit. We were too eager to dig into it once it cooled, that I forgot to take a photo of the finished product, but a sprinkle of confectioners sugar makes this perfection. Cole enjoyed it so much, and became so thoroughly covered in blueberry that it was only with yesterday’s bath (the 2nd after eating clafoutis) that his fingers came fully clean. Sometime I want to try these with ollalieberries…

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