Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make It a Double

Double Shot!, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

We made it through 4 weeks of Little Guards! To celebrate, on the last day everyone went to the beach, then to dinner, and finally for soem fun on the boardwalk.

Bunny and I rode a bunch of rides together. She pointed to the Double Shot and said, "I want to go on that!" Now they she's 50 inches tall, the world is her oyster as far as rides go... Lemme tell you, it's not going up that's scary or weird feeling. It's the return trip. You're pulled down faster than gravity, and Bunny screamed in delight the entire time.

At the end, in a rush of nonstop babble, she said she lost all control of how her body acted, drooled, had tears come to her eyes, and nearly peed. Then she said she loved it. Atta girl. :)

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