Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog Days, Part 1

After 4 weeks of daily all afternoon trips to the beach, I thought I’d want to keep us home as much as I could just to rest. However, since it was also the last week of summer break, it quickly became apparent that was a ridiculous pipe dream. Having 7 weeks of a 10 week break consumed with travel and little guards left us little time to enjoy all the bigger outings we don’t seem to find time for the rest of the year. Plus, let’s face it: days of idyllic nothing sound awesome to me, but only until one factors in a little something: the kids. They’re not nearly as happy to just putter and put the home in order as I may be.

So, Tuesday we went to the aquatic center about 20 miles away to play.

Cole and Carter played amateur canal technician.

Cole was only 5 or 6 months old when we came last summer, so I’d say he got a bit more out of it this time.

Carter, ever the literalist, played a lot in the ‘geysers’. Yes, he called them that. I guess he did pay attention to that special on Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago!

Bunny, finally over 48 this year, partook of this beaut like there was no tomorrow. Look at all those stairs! I am not even kidding when I say she went up over 20 times.

I wish we’d made it over here more this summer, but there is always next year! :)


Elle said...

Carter cracks me up. Make no mistake, although his words were a little later than Bun, he is one smart cookie. Watch out!

Glad Bun had such a good time. Is it really any surprise? She has been a daredevil since she was 6 mos old and loved being pushed as high as possible on the swings.

Kristianna said...

Oh, and I am pretty sure I wrote about how Carter insists you don't call dirt, 'dirt'. It's 'soil'. That guy!


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