Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life with Boys

003, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I have a sister. I am pretty sure we never sat around spitting at each other. Maybe in a pool? I dunno. But I sure as heck know that we never stood in our living room spitting ice cubes at each other, while hooting and howling from the hilarity of it all.

Boys are so weird.


Elle said...

Oh, we DEFINITELY spat at each other in the pool, especially when we both had gaps in between our front teeth. Somehow, I think spitting in the pool in which you swim is actually pretty gross, too. Don't forget pouring Dixie cups of water on each other in the shower while fully clothed!

Yeah, I'm not even sure the apples fell from the tree in this case. ;)

Kristianna said...

I don't know.. pool seems different to me, not as gross. At least you're already wet. *shrug*

I do remember the water fights. That was some kind of fun. Didn't we usually do that when we were supposed to be sleeping?

Elle said...

Yep, when we were supposed to be asleep. LOL


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