Sunday, July 19, 2009

When You’re One

When you’re little, you have short little legs.  Sometimes most of the people in your family move too, too fast!  Playing chase with your older brother and sister, you’re just catching up to them when they change directions and run the other way!  After a while it’s enough to make even the most amiable of fellows cry in frustration.

A trip to a park can seem like a trip to the jungle.  Most of the plants are taller than you are, and no one wants you to play with that cool pointy stick, meanies.


By the water’s edge everyone seems worried about you.  You just want to explore a little, but it’s so steep (to you) that you stumble and those grown ups get scared.  So, then you don’t even get to walk on your short little legs.

It’s enough to make a one year old cranky.  It’s nice when there is a Grandpa, who, for his own reasons can’t keep up.  Then you both sit at a picnic table together.

1 comment:

Elle said...

It is hard being little. But it's good to have people around who understand.


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