Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sandy Hands & Feet

Cole has been to the beach many, many times, and really enjoys it. However, we found out on our vacation that Cole really doesn’t like walking on the beach or getting sand on his hands while walking. At home a trip to the beach involves a decent walk, and I use our BOB stroller to transport the boys and our copious quantities of toys, snacks, etc. a few blocks to the beach. So, walking was never an issue for Cole.

In Virginia, however, no BOB. And Cole is 32 lbs. He gets heavy, and no amount of shifting from one hip to the other helps after a few minutes. As a result, I kept trying to ditch encourage him to walk for himself.

This very consistently resulted in him pitching a fit, and either refusing to walk at all, or trudging a few yards behind me screeching. Then he’d get sand on his hands and really become upset.

However, once he was on the beach in situ – he was happy as a clam to get covered in sand and water. Kids are weird.


Elle said...

Who's that pale, but fit man with Bun? I think I may want to date him. ;)

Kristianna said...

Maybe have some kids with him...

Elle said...

Who knows...a girl can dream. :)


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