Saturday, July 11, 2009


Back in college, Alysen and I were like Flick and Flack.  We pledged our House together and also dodged a lot of German classes as first years and the rest was a blur.  We learned you can not expect to get  much out of a film you must watch for a class, albeit a gut, if you slug back a few $3 pitchers of Killians while you don’t go to the 5:00 showing and barely make it to the 7:00 showing, especially if you don’t remember much more than, “Um, it was in black and white, right?”  But hey, we have our memories of Sweaty Wally, and who can’t cherish that?

Here we are… sheesh, in 1992?  Seriously?  Last time I checked it’s 2009, so um, yeah…  Those knuckleheads in this photo had no CLUE what was ahead of them.  Except for the next party.  We knew where that was.  Yeah, yeah, we also went to a lot of classes, too.  What kind of pansyass story would that be?  I can spare you the 1,000,005 hours we spent at the library or computer lab because as much of a HOOT as that would be to read, I’ll just have to leave you hanging…  Well, there was the time our teacher, who was also Al’s advisor and was ALSO named Alice Cooper (you can’t make up this kind of thing) announced to the class that she had not made tenure and, as such, would be absent a lot whilst the pursued other institutions for employ—lemme tell you, that was one semester cram packed with learning nothing.  I can’t for the life of me figure why they passed on giving her a lifetime gig at UVA…

But anyway, back to those dorks in white in the photo.

Now we have 6 kids between the 2 of us.  No kiddin’.  Those chicas in 1992 had no clue that was coming.  Or that one day our oldest 4 (four?) would be frog hunting while we held our youngest ones.  Man alive, I tell you what: time it is a trip!


Oh, and PS, yes, we’re hung over in the first photo.  It was a brutal day to schedule initiation—the day after we *had* to participate in Derby Days as pledges, and after the week long culmination party.  So yeah, we look like we feel there, haha.  Silly little girls who had no clue…  and too dang much bangs.  Way too much bangs.

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