Monday, July 13, 2009

I’m a mean, mean mom.

My kids are spending time every weekday morning doing workbook pages. For my daughter, it’s mainly to help her retain what she learned in first grade and not have a hard transition to second—and if she augments her reading or math, then so be it. For Carter, this is f-u-n. He loves being like his big sister, and sees his ‘work’ of 'circling all the 2s on a page as just as big kid as can be. I got his workbook mainly so he’d have something to do while Bun does hers, but he’s actually getting a lot out of it. I can see this as my child who enters Kindergarten knowing how to read a little. He and his sister are very different in that way. I have to defer to the teachers to tell her when it’s time to learn something, as, apparently, I have no authority in these matters as far as she’s concerned.

Whatever – as long as she is ready by fall, I call it fair enough. She’s smart, but dislikes having to ‘try’ to learn anything… yay. So, I’m a mean mom who makes her work. Tough, toots. Sometimes my job is not to make her happy, but help her prepare.

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