Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Run, Swim, Run

That’s the name of one of the events in next week’s upcoming Little Guards competition.  The kids do a ‘Collins' Cove’, which is to run to the end of Cowell’s Beach, where someone at some point scurried up the cliff and put up a little plaque, run back to the lifeguard tower, swim out around the buoy, which is 25 yards out, then run to Collins Cove and back again.  It’s not easy!  Last year, Bunny got 6th place, but was actually in 3rd until she became confused and started to do another lap running (silly girl… I always am ready to stop running, haha!).

Yesterday they did a couple of run-swim-runs, and Bun was 3rd around the buoy, which was her snag last year (not that she didn’t do very well, but she had NO interest in swimming in the deep water).  I’m so proud of her for facing her fear.  She still becomes a little anxious when she’s in over her head (what a metaphor…), but she does it—and quite well!  Much to be proud of…

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