Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poking and Prodding

The past few days the high tide has been quite high due, and a lot of kelp and other sea plants (and a lost seal) have washed up on the beach. The seal was escorted back to where it belonged, but not before giving the kids a thrill by getting much closer than a seal should (and making me wonder if it was healthy). I was not too keen on getting close to it, cute as it was.

HOWEVER, the kelp was fun to poke around in. So many types of plants were all jumbled together, along with sea stars, a few unlucky tiny octopi, and shells aplenty. Cole busied himself with dragging around long strands of whatever he could, and Carter and I explored the mess, checking out the colors and textures. He saw that there was great variety in the types of leaves and thought the roots where they anchor to rocks were really cool. Then he whacked me in the legs with a piece of kelp that was easily 12 feet long. Good times. :)

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