Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Old Man

Carter has a hilarious new habit. He tends to have about $3 in small change rattling around in his right pocket at any point in time. It's always the right pocket. He has to have it everyday as soon as he's dressed in his day clothes. Which explains why he will NOT wear sweats. No pockets to jingle his change! When he walks, he needs his right hand in his pocket. I swear my son is channeling someone's weird uncle Morty, who always gave the kiddos a shiny nickel when he visited.

This evening when I undressed him for his bath, it was riDONKulous. There was something like 100 coins in his pocket, adding a good pound to his weight. And I have found him riffling through Paul's pockets for more change when he gets the opportunity. Oh, and he also put a little Listerine strips pack in his pocket the other day--like Daddy does. Which I need to mention to Paul, since he sometimes puts an Adderall in his Listerine pack to take one with him discretely. He's good about making sure he never leaves one accesible to a child, but still, I need to be sure he doesn't leave the packs lying around for peace of mind.

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