Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm really not a complete wreck -- promise!

This happened two days ago, but sue me, I don't get as much computer time as usual, and what I do get involves holding a baby whose age you still count in days (9 today, BTW).

Somehow, despite starting to get ready to leave something like 30 minutes before pick up time, I was still running late to pick up Bunny Wednesday. (I hate modified days!) I decided, as I was literally pulling up near the school as the bell rang, that it would take less time to wimp out and do the car line than to park, put Cole in the front carrier, get out Carter, hold his reluctant hand all the way to school… but for some reason the line was held up for 5 minutes of idling. UGH. I could have walked back and forth 3 times. Live and learn.

I finally pull up, and Bunny runs over, I wave to her teacher and apologize for my tardiness (she’s fine about it, and plenty of non-postpartum moms are later than me anyway). Bunny gets into the car and starts to say how cold she was in just her shirtsleeves in the wind. I ask her why she didn’t put on her sweater—I saw her grab one on her way out the door after I reminded her!—and she told me she had accidentally grabbed a pair of BLACK LEGGINGS instead of her block sweater. Whoopsie! Half the way home I was chuckling about how much of a mess they must think me, sending her sans show and tell item one day and with some pants instead of a sweater the next (though it really wasn’t my fault on the sweater!).

Oh well!

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