Friday, January 04, 2008

I never needed to know this existed.

I believe I have mentioned before my odd fascination with Japanese schwag. I find the way popular culture there is manifested to be both oddly compelling and, well, just plain damn odd. I used to collect stationery sets, but having kids limits my actual letter writing nowadays. I fiddle around with bento, though I have not gotten up the nerve to go to the Japanese dept store to buy real-deal bento boxes; I just fake it with Pack & Pack containers. Anyway! This I never want, nor do I ever want any-effing-one aside perhaps from an ENT specialist helping me clean my ears. Gag.
Hello Kitty Ear Pick
Hello Kitty Ear Pick - Mimikaki Hello Kitty Ear Pick - Mimikaki
The Japanese love cleaning their ears, and it is often a sign of love if your partner will clean your ears for you. It is not an uncommon sight in Japan to see a man with his head on his partner's lap while she scapes out his ear wax with the precision of a surgeon. This Hello Kitty mimikaki (ear pick) will help you recreate the uniquely Japanese experience of having your ear wax cleaned out. Made of wood with a tiny ladle-like scraper at the end, it is made to be inserted into the ear (but not too far!) and scoop out the ear wax. On top of course, is a incredibly cute figurine of Hello Kitty, usefully weighted for balancing the delicate instrument. There is a whole subculture in Japan dedicated to ear picking, find out why with this high-quality Hello Kitty Ear Pick. 5" (12cm) long. Of course, always excercise common sense when inserting anything inside your body -- these ear cleaners are used throughout Asia but should be used with caution in a sturdy place, like your girlfriend/wife's lap. (More like this) (Direct link to this product)kitty

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