Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Two Weeks

100_5235, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Taken on Cole's Two Week 'Birthday'. :) Still sleeps a lot, but having more and more alert moments, too. Cole seems (knock wood!) to be really mellow and as someone else said, an old soul. He often looks amused, like this is all old news to him.

Cole's starting to bat at things just a tiny bit, beginning to notice he has hands. Spent a long time messing with his left ear yesterday, like, "Hey! I can feel this two ways!" Loathes diaper changes, like most tiny babies, but quickly calms once he feels himself being dressed, and certainly when held. Paul's been getting him to take to the sling like a pro, and usually Cole settles right in, unless he's simply not ready to chill--then he generally still quiets down pretty quickly--or he gets to come back out, since it's supposed to be a nice place, not torture. ;)

Did I mention my husband jokingly nicknamed him Cutie McTiny? Probably not going to stick, but he is cute and tiny.

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