Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Outing Today... Oy.

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So today Paul had an appointment which conflicted with Bun's pickup time, so it was the big day to steel myself for an outing with all three. All the way to the car, drive 4 mins to school, walk basically a block, pickup, reverse order and get back home.

I decided to give myself 15 extra minutes to change and dress Cole in footies instead of the nighties he has been wearing at home so he would have warm legs for the front carrier and carseat. 15 minutes sounded like more time than it turned out to be.

Just as I put him on the changing table, I hear the sounds of an eruption in his diaper. Actually, this is an AWESOME thing, since I much prefer changing him than to get him all the way out to the car, then having him start to go. I give him a minute or two to finish up, then open the diaper. TMI, but he was really ready to go. Seemed he *had* to be done going by the results. WRONGO! As I am cleaning up and putting the soiled dipe in the genie, KAPLOWIE! He's not done! But I had an extra wipe handy, so I then cleaned him and was sure to be good to go. NUH-UH! By then I am asking Carter to give my wet wipes and basically just trying to play catcher and mitigate the mess.

Long story short, about 10 minutes later I finally am getting him dressed in his adorable velour Pooh footies my uncle bought for Carter in London (big ben on the front with Pooh, weirdly), and we're in the car about 2 mins later than I usually like to be heading down the driveway. I got there *just* as Bun's class was exiting the room, and Cole was *almost* as much of a hit with the kids and moms as Happy, Olivia's family's new puppy.

Strangely, while all the *mess* was happening, it was the absolute calmest Cole has ever been during a change. Go figure.

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