Friday, January 04, 2008

Crash! Boom!

Huge storms the past two days, and last night the 'big one' rolled into town. I was up going to the bathroom at about 3, because I do that a lot being massively pregnant, and as I was falling back asleep I heard a loud crash/crack sound. I thought it had to either be the fence we share on one side with the crazy Sanford & Sons neighbors (seriously, that's their backyard, but it's allll theirs, not for sale) or a tree branch. I went over to the living room and flipped on the flood lights and all was well there, then I noticed all the way over to the far side of the pool that the umbrella was upended. Crap. Though that would not be noisy per se. Then I saw that the glass top to the 'circle table' was entirely shattered. Double crap. Shame on me for not even thinking about it when I knew full well there would be 60 MPH gusts today. Oh well, worse things turned over today, like 4 big rigs on the San Rafael Bridge, so losing the top to a somewhat old table is not the end of the world. It never let up enough for me to go out and sweep it up, so that job awaits when hopefully tomorrow is not so crazy weather-wise. But we have a week solid of rain ahead. 10 feet in Tahoe by the end of this weekend! Too bad I seriously doubt I'll make the slopes this season even for April boarding. Bah!

On the plus side, I finished the scarf I started for Bunny last night and today. She loves it, and it came out well. I'll photograph it tomorrow probably. It's soft and purple--one of her new colors she loves. Thank goodness I don't have to do just pink-pink-pink anymore.

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