Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well, so much for THAT idea.

We all have our gross comfort food that we love in spite of multiple dubious qualities.  For me it’s hominy and eggs all scrambled together—such an obscure combination that I had some to the conclusion it was something my mother made up one day when she really needed to go shopping and just told me it was a real food.  A couple of years ago, after my semiannual-ish whipping up of a full pan on a ‘forage night’, I decided to Google “hominy and eggs” and whaddaya know.  It’s a real thing.  At any rate, I love it.  Nobody else I know does.  More for me, I say!

Bunny loves Ramen noodles.  I try to avert my eyes from the nutritional content as I make it for her as an after school snack a couple of times a month.  Some days ya just gotta have your thing, even if it has 5 months worth of sodium in a serving.

I thought I would try to make them at least an eensy bit more healthy by going for schmancy Cup “O” Noodles, which has a token sprinkle of veggies mixed in it.  Figuring it would be a small enough amount that she’d just eat it and that it’d be a pain to remove the veggies that she’d just eat it, I served a bowl the other day.

Not so much.  Girlfriend made her point.


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