Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mr. Fix It


In our weekly Discovery Museum visit, Cole spent a great deal of time in the Bob the Builder exhibit, which has been extended through January.  Usually Wednesday is a rather quiet morning there, but there were about half a dozen groups of preschool and early elementary students… um… excitedly pushing their way to the front of everything and generally upsetting Cole, who prefers his playtime at “his” museum shove free.  (I totally get that the older kids were just excited, and BLESS their chaperones who had about 8-12 crazy kids per one harried looking adult, so I am not casting aspersions… just stating that Cole was ticked.  Consequently, to help him not go to DEFCON 5 and start whaling on people, I found myself talking in that voice, where you’re talking to your child, but only kind of… where you’re really talking to the other kids or their parents:  “Calm down, I am sure that little boy is just so excited he forgot to ask if he could have that toy you were holding and enjoying before he grabbed it.”  You know, that voice, haha.)

After a while, though, the herds moved on, and Cole was able to spend time doing what he wanted for as long as he wanted.  This particular visit he wanted to try out his hand at plumbing.  He spent 20 minutes fixing this sink.  I tried a few times to explain to him that the pipes belong under the sink and showed him where the drain came through.


Cole didn’t agree with my suggestions.


There’s probably a reason toddlers are not generally considered the most effective plumbers.  :)


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