Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being a Mom Means…

…constantly worrying about, oh… everything.  Did you remember everything your child needed for school today?  Does his helmet fit correctly?  Is it alright my kids ate 24 yogurts in 48 hours (true story) and does that mean they like it a lot, or have some underlying deficiency for which their bodies are compensating (I think they simply like yogurt a lot)?  Do they have a sweater on?  I could go on and on…

Sometimes, though, I have to laugh at myself.

We enjoyed a sparkling, crisp fall afternoon yesterday at the park, and I took some photos (shock).  While Cole napped, I transferred photos from my SD card to the hard drive and came across this.


We often joke that poor Cole has the “english teeth” in the family.  (Sorry, English people...I am sure you get tired of the jokes and that many Brits have naturally lovely teeth…)  Who knows how many of my children will require orthodontia, but we have a good hunch about this guy.

For some reason, maybe because I didn’t have anything better to obsess over at that moment, my eye settled on the back molar that seems to be refracted multiple times in the water… and how there is a dark spot.  I brushed that tooth a few hours before, and I see his teeth all the time, as he is a throw your head back and laugh hard kind of dude, so you’d think I’d chalk it up as an oddity and move on.

Nope!  I zoomed in on the photo, and became convinced my youngest child had a tooth literally—actively!!-- rotting out of his head, in spite of fluoride toothpaste and rinse, twice and sometimes three times daily wrestling matches tooth brushing sessions, and common sense.  I needed to see that tooth, pronto.  The Ren & Stimpy cartoon with the Tooth Beaver kept blipping through my head… Must. See. Tooth.  Toothtoothtoothtooth

So—get this—I pried open my sleeping child’s mouth to peer at his molar.  Of course it looked fine.  Thankfully he remained asleep, since that would be a terrible way to awaken.  Being a mom sometimes means you go a little loco, man.

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