Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bit By Bit

For a 2.75 year-old who is often mistaken for a smallish 4 year-old, Cole is ironically hesitant in new situations.  He’s very cautious, and tells me something is scary everyday.  Granted, scary is a broad term for him, and really means anything from scary to something that makes him unappy/uncomfortable—a too-tight shirt has been called scary.

Compared to his crazyass older sister, who jumped off a high dive with almost no hesitation at age 5, Cole is definitely a bit of a scardey-cat.  I don’t try to push him too much, because he’ll warm up to things when he’s ready, and because he’s my baby and I baby him, I admit.  :)

When we went to the Boardwalk to enjoy rides in August, I really thought perhaps Cole would go for the chance to ride on, well, at least Bulgy the Whale.  It’s probably the tamest ride this side of sitting still.  But Cole just didn’t want to.  Every time we go to Happy Hollow, he refuses to ride anything, too.  The funny part is this: he loves Happy Hollow!  The playground there is so much fun for him that he is completely happy just doing that.

It is a really nice playground, no arguments there.


This is the view of the ‘big kid’ area from the upper level of the ‘little kid’ area.  It’s challenging, well built, and, if you have a membership and are not ponying up $12 per person over the age of 1 to get in each time, well worth the trip just to play here, I think.

Cole has already outgrown the little kid portion, and prefers playing on the large structure now.  It’s great fun chasing him all through it, and he impresses me with his persistence and ability.


I really should not wear flip flops to Happy Hollow.


I felt confident in the security of all the ropes and ladders… not as confident I wouldn’t lose a stupid shoe.  :)


So yes, it is a lot of fun to play here with Cole, and if that is all he wants to do, that’s okay.  He’s two, not twelve.

However, the last time we went,  I thought I would give it a college try once more and just show him a ride I knew he’d enjoy if he gave it a shot.  It has little fire trucks and bells.  Cole is going to be a fireman for Halloween.  He loves fire trucks.  If anything would entice him, that would be the ride.

We watched the kids on it, going round and round, ringing the bells.

Do you want to try this ride?  You can make the bell go ding, ding, ding!
Yes, I do!

I knew better than to ask twice.  We ran as fast as little legs could move over to the nearest fire truck and I showed him the buckle (usually this is the deal breaker for him—he gets that far and balks).  He climbed in, I buckled him, and stood nearby anxiously waiting for all the cars to fill and the attendant to check the belts, distracting him by reminding him over and over again, “Ding, ding, ding the bell!”


He pulled that rope to ding the bell, and I nearly hopped from one foot to the other, waiting for the other shoe to fall, and for him to say he wanted out, like he always does.

But then…


…the attendant finally was ready to start the ride, and I sneaked to the outside of the gate.  Cole did it!  He rode a ride!


Cole liked, no, loved it!  He rode three more times, and then for a finale, as the speakers announced the park was closing in 5 minutes…


…he rode the madcap action of Granny Bugs with his big brother.  This thrill ride not only goes around in circles, but up and down a whole foot or two, also.  You can see the high-tech restraints necessary to assure safety here.

Seriously, this mama’s heart grew three sizes watching her baby overcome his fears and enjoy these rides.  He’s still my cautious boy, and that is not all bad.  I can’t wait to see how our next trip to Happy Hollow goes and if he tries anything new.  Maybe he will.  Maybe he won’t.  Either way, hopefully I’ll remember not to wear flip flops.  :)


Suzanne Sergis @ said...

Aw, so cool. I'm thankful you blog! If you scrapped, I wouldn't be able to read about cute stories like this. :-)

On that last pic, it looks like Carter is rubbing his arm, kinda like "It's OK Cole" or maybe "You did it!"

Kristianna said...

I think Carter was pretty proud of his little bro. :)


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