Saturday, October 23, 2010

Almost 5

Nearly time to say “Goodbye” to being 4.

Time to say “Hello” to his new big boy bike.

We walked to our awesome neighborhood bike shop—we really are lucky it’s so close and SO good—just to browse.  At least I was pretty sure we were just browsing…

We were showed two bikes that were the right size for Carter who needs training wheels for a little while longer.  He’s just a little wobbly.  :)

I thought he’d go for the bright blue one.  He developed an instant crush on the white with red and black accents.

Good thing I’d brought the bike helmet just in case.

Little Man rode out the front door, apparently ready to go live his life on the roads with his new wheels.  I called him back, reminding him I still needed to get air in my BOB tires, pay for the bike, and—oh, by the way!—that he didn’t know his way back home from the store. 


Having addressed those minor issues, we were on our way.  He quickly got the hang of back breaking and realized he could make some sweet skid marks.


That evening his sister joined us for a ride through to hood.


Nothing, not even the Grim Reaper himself would deter Carter from his newfound love.


Well, maybe he paused a bit.  Halloween decorations are cool, man.


I pushed the BOB along, as Cole has yet to join in with the biking/scootering crowd, occasionally hollering things like, “Car!” and “Don’t run into that!”  I’m a mom; it’s my job to yell inane, obvious things like that.  :)

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