Monday, October 11, 2010

It is Monday and I am Lucky

Two out of three children are busy at their schools, and my youngest is in Gabba Land… there is still a sink-load of dishes to process through the dishwasher (after running it twice yesterday!)… I stunk up a load of laundry by accident, forgetting it in the hubbub yesterday (it’s soaking with some faux Oxy-Clean to rectify that ick)… I have one of those gigantic blue IKEA bags overflowing with clean laundry that needs folding… and I am lucky.

I’m lucky that I have three wonderful, smart, sometimes bickering, often loving, always interesting children to chase around.  I’m lucky that their father is always loving and often understands that when I tell him he needs to go on duty as ‘bad cop’ he doesn’t really need to be ‘bad cop,’ so he often turns the crabby evening kids around by playing with them when I am just plain spent… even if that sometimes means all the cushions are flying after a crazy pillow fight.



I am lucky that I get to spend one on one time with this little guy every week in as amazing and involving a place as the Discovery Museum.


I am lucky to be able to vicariously enjoy a child’s thrill of playing outside in the dark on a school night, spooky faces, shrieks and all.


I’m lucky that my eldest is an all-around great kid, good friend, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  I’m touched she spent her own hard-saved allowance money to buy Carter’s birthday present herself, and was so excited she had to give it to him yesterday (3 weeks early).

I’m lucky to have so many wonderful friends, both near and far.  I wish I was lucky enough to have more family close by, but am thankful for the many ways we can keep in touch in spite of geography.

Sure, there is always this or that to improve upon, but overall, in so many ways, I am lucky, lucky, lucky.

Now, off to see about those dishes, and that laundry.  I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough for those to do themselves!  Cheers!


Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

Your childern are adorable. I love your line on the your side bar "I don't journal, I don't scrapbook, I do this" - That is so me, too. I stopped journally when I started this, I just can't seem to do both. I couldn't ever get scrapbooking...I always write to much.

Anyway, that you for visiting my blog! I love posting new things.

Kristianna said...

Thanks Dana. :) Scrapbooking seems too official to me -- like to be worth all that fuss to create some page filled with trinkets and pricey doodads the topic must be important. I'd miss out on a lot of small moments that are really the sum of life anyway.

Plus, I can do it on the run and don't have to put away all those supplies! :D


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