Thursday, September 16, 2010

…wave ‘em around like you just don’t care…

Some days. We all have ‘em. When we’re lucky, someone else we love is having a pretty good day when we’re having a ‘some day’ kind of day, to balance out, or at least let you lean on them for a spell.

When we’re not so much on the lucky side, the ‘some day’ is more widespread. Maybe it lasts for a week. Usually it’s at the tail end of a cold for us, which means nothing has been done enough (laundry, dishes, cooking), but everything feels like too much. It’s enough to make a grown woman want to sit on the floor and have a good fit much like a frustrated two year-old I know might when he can’t line up the magnets on his trains and has used up all his patience. Over the course of the past 8 years there have been some tantrums, I admit. Looking back, they’re pretty funny: one time I was so over-stimulated and pecked-at feeling I threw an unopened box of crackers on the floor and might have then proceeded to stomp on them a little (the next week or so we discovered we were expecting Cole, so perhaps hormones played a small role there, haha).

My point is there are days I wanna call for a mulligan. Except, along the way, there are always gems to sustain. If I could and did push the reset button today, I would have missed block time with Cole, watching him press those blocks together with such force that a long tower always crumbles into two or three pieces. I would not have helped Bun scavenge some bark that had fallen off a tree near school for a fairy boat. Tee Ball time in the back yard would also have gone missed. I tell you what: Carter can whack that ball, even sometimes when pitched!

Some days—those days—you have to take the good bits where you find them. They’re always there, and generally the stuff worth remembering anyway. Why worry about a few stupid dishes? Sometimes, it takes a peek through a viewfinder to realize all the good that is there, just waiting to be noticed… at least for me. Sometimes, that narrower view where I can simply zoom in on the important parts also focuses me. Sometimes, on those days, I just have to throw my hands in the air and decide to enjoy at least some of it (and then do those stupid dishes).


I think our one man tee ball league is shaping up well, by the way.


He has made up a game with himself where he tries to hit the ball through a small window in the playhouse door. I say it’s a great game because the ball doesn’t fly very far before bouncing off the playhouse, which means a weary mama can cheer and admire her son’s prowess more and fetch less.


It is a good idea, however, to be ready to get out of the way when necessary. :)



P.S. It is possible, no, it is probable that tidying up leaves and toys in the back yard is another of those tasks that have slid a bit… oh well!

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