Thursday, September 16, 2010

All By Myself

Cole may be the youngest in our family, but he’s a large presence.  His innate happiness, hopefully, will be one aspect of a fully loaded toolbox to pull from when he needs as an adult (gulp).  I am not kidding when I say this child is love and joy.   Just yesterday I took the boys to get a little treat at Quench after the preschool/elementary school pickup rush—after one of those funny pick ups where I ultimately don’t take home my social butterfly daughter… anyway, when we were at Quench ordering our milkshakes for them and my mango bubble tea (yum!), the boys sat at a table together and told each other back and forth how much they love each other.  Then one probably hit the other one, I’m sure.  The moment was heart warming, though.  :)

My 2.5 year old wonderboy is starting to discover and teach us his little likes and dislikes pertaining to the world around us.  Take this outfit (please!):


Cole likes blue and green.  He likes stripes.  To his thinking, this is just about the best outfit he can possibly assemble.  Some days I just want a sign for his back that says, “I dressed myself today!”  Ya know, in case someone could possibly believe anything else to be the case.

This is different than dressing up, something Cole also enjoys a LOT.  He’s that kid who’s all in the pile of dress up stuff, especially if there is a hat to be worn.  When Bunny was 3 she was obsessed with a Cinderella costume.  I took her out to a LOT of places in that blue sparkly gown… maybe I need to get more boy dress up clothes so he’ll be easily identifiable as Bob the Builder and not Stanley MacStripes.  Of course, he could have a wardrobe with only solids to choose from, but where is the fun in that?

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