Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer’s End (Kinda)

So, today is the traditional end of summer, I suppose. However, we’re having mini heat waves and it only feels a little like fall at the extreme ends of the day… those ends of the day are not as early and late as we’re used to, though. Dinner time surprises me daily, it seems. We are accustomed to playing outside in the pool until well after 7:00, and I am not in the habit of thinking about making dinner until about then, too. Suddenly, BAM, we’re eating in the dark, forced to turn on artificial lights (which I hate, ugh).
There is a lot I’ll miss about summer as we grasp at its final bits. For now, I’m thinking I’ll miss coming in to find this.

Cole often decides he wants to go back inside while we’re in the pool in the first afternoon swim, often because it’s nearing his quiet time, but also sometimes because he wants to play, or because he would like a snack… having a decently well childproofed house means I can let him do that and stay out at the one place I always supervise the kids—poolside. It also means King Cole has a bit of freedom. Generally he stays in his bathing suit, but sometimes
It always makes me laugh to walk in and see him au naturel eating at the counter, white butt and all.


Heidi-Marie said...

You need to photoshop that picture and write the words "END of Summer" and an arrow to Cole's butt..

Kristianna said...

Ha! Good one. :)

Miss Prudence said...

I love this image! It reminds me of my crew, always a little bare bum running around here, at the counter, around the house pottering - nudie! Something to do with having a pool I think.


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