Monday, September 20, 2010

How is it…

…that I woke up this morning, made breakfast for 3 kids, oatmeal for my husband, packed two lunches, fed Cold a snack and lunch, but completely forgot to eat breakfast until nearly 2 p.m.?

I must be full enough from coffee sometimes if I don’t remember to make myself something when the kids eat breakfast, then I have cup #2, then I have some water, and I just… forget. So bad, I know. Then I finally realize I feel so grumpy because I have not eaten anything to speak of for 15 hours. (Derrr.)

I don’t have much time before elementary school pick up, and I want to make sure I don’t really send my blood sugar into a tailspin, so I whip up something healthy pretty quickly…

chicken salad/avocado/basil on sprouted wheat, carrot, figs

…and proceed to eat it off the cutting board, full of bread crumbs, smears of avocado and carrot juice, plus probably some fig. Yep, today’s ‘breakfast’ is a fancy affair. Better luck tomorrow!

Maybe I need a sticky note somewhere that says, "Hey doofus -- you should eat, too."


Amber (Woodmouse) said...

I do this the majority of mornings too. I've been doing it on outings lately too. Pack lunches for everyone and forget that I should eat too!

Elle said...

You know, Trader Joe's sells cereal bars for 1.69 a box. They are my standby, and I eat them if I can't manage to get an actual meal...good with coffee too...not good for the metabolism to go so long!

Since going back to work I've lost another 4 pounds...and I don't realize how hungry I am until after I get home...but I do eat lunch and breakfast, even if a cereal bar is all I get in. :)

Kristianna said...

It's not as much time as just plain stupid forgetting. I mean, there I am IN THE KITCHEN MAKING MEALS and, as the little chicks peck at me for more, and a fillup of this or that, etc I just forget. Generally if I make Cole grits I remember to make myself a bowl, but he wanted eggs this morning and ate them all, so I forgot I'd made myself one (since it was in his belly!).

The cereal bars are yummy, for sure. I keep a box in the car for emergency hunger pangs when they hit the kids.

Elle said...

I have lived off of them since being pregnant and now having Daniel. Somehow, I rarely get tired of them. :D


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