Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kid vs Pool

We have a TON of floaties for the pool.  There are two that you can ride like wobbly horses.  There is an alligator.  Three are tube shaped animals.  Forget about all the balls, diving toys, and water guns.

So, of course, the kids spent an hour or so a couple of weeks back fashioning a raft out of the solar rings and funnoodles.


We watch a lot of Bear Grylls here, and I have to say, compared to some of the crazy rafts he’s made, this is a good one!  They even used kid brooms as oars, and took passengers (Carter) for rides around the pool, teasing him that they were going to go into the deep end and jump off.  (They didn’t.)


As much amusement as they got out of it, we adults also had a good time, heckling and offering tips along the way.  There were probably a dozen versions that were not pool-worthy, but they persisted!


Farewell Summer.  Farewell poolside afternoons.  We will miss you until ~May.

PS – Carter asked I make sure everyone knows he’s wearing his suit.  :)

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