Saturday, December 26, 2009


Tantalization, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Carter loves birds, so we put up this bird feeder for his 'bird friends'. He'd love a pet bird in a cage, and I have nothing in theory against this, except we already have a cat--a cat who has proven to be an able bird hunter!

Anyway, we all really enjoy watching robins, wrens, and finches come to feed by this window. For Otis it's very exciting, albeit FRUSTRATING. He stalks them as best he can, and eventually ends up with his paws and nose fairly pressed against the window, all for naught. Poor kitty.

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Elle said...

Yeah, good thinking on NOT getting him a bird with an avid bird eater in the house. Remember how Wayne "loved" Marge's birdie so much that he killed it? I came home, and there were feathers everywhere (in his defense, she left the top off of the cage when she went to work). Yikes!


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