Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ornaments, 2009

Every year each child gets their own ornament to add to the tree, and when they’re grown and in their own home, these will be the beginnings of their own collection of ornaments.  I hope they’ll cherish them as much as I do—eventually.

Carter and Bunny are old enough to choose their own ornaments, and I chose one for Cole, perhaps for the last time.  Additionally, Carter made a few at school.  I just love the ones made by small children.  I remember my own handmade ones as a kid, and wish I had them to add to the mix, especially the clothespin reindeer we made in Brownies one year…

Here is Bunny’s choice.

She agonized for a long time, trying to choose between this ‘bright eyed kitten’ and another similar one that was in a different position, pointing out the various things she liked about both—Santa hat v. ball of yarn; blue eyes v. green… oh the torture!  I know a couple of moms who would have said to get both, but to me the point is that they choose their ONE that ultimately represents them at that point in time.

Carter chose this plump guy.

It’s plastic, and not by accident.  He first was drawn to a very large glass ball that was flocked with seasonal words (merry, etc.) and dropped it.  After we cleaned the mess a bit and called a Target associate over to let them know to sweep, Carter said he wanted one that wouldn’t break.  He chose this all on his own, though.

Cole had no clue about ornaments when we went, as he surely does not remember last year’s tree, so I got to choose for him.  :)  I liked this simple, colorful one.

I still need to take a photo of the pipe cleaner candy cane Carter made at school, but did snap a couple of the pine cones, which I adore!

So simple, and sweet.  Our tree is full to bursting with unique ornaments, and I imagine in a couple-few years a smaller auxiliary tree will be necessary!  Maybe a table top one for the kids?  At any rate, I love how ‘all over the place’ our tree is!


Clorie said...

I love your tree too and I want to start that same tradition! I love it! :)

Elle said...

I love kids' ornaments too. The best Christmas gifts I get from my students aren't the gift cards (even though they are awesome), but the carefully glued googly eyes attached to cotton balls, dangling precariously from spray painted bells. Those are the ones that delight me, and our tree is covered with ornaments from my students...can't wait to have ornaments for our little boy. Just can't wait. :)


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