Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Menu Plan… Tuesday?


I planned my menu yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to sit down and write it up.  Anyway, today is my new grocery day, as it’s been working well to drop Carter off at school and then for Cole and me to go directly to the store… one less child to amuse during the trip, and Cole enjoys the outing—plus he gets to eat a banana and try whatever they’re serving in the demo part at Trader Joes.  So, I do plan the menu on Monday to be ready on Tuesday.  Make sense?  ;)

Monday:  split pea soup with leftover ham & bone
Tuesday: beef enchiladas from Pioneer Woman Cooks
Wednesday: salmon, asparagus, butternut squash
Thursday: Pioneer Woman’s simple chili
Friday: Cobb salad
Saturday: maybe out to celebrate Bunny participating in the Christmas parade (I’m still working on figuring out how she can ride with both groups she’s in that are in the parade).
Sunday: probably leftovers

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