Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Girl Shoes

Big Girl Shoes, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Wednesday was an odd day. The kids and I had been sick for what seemed like half our lives, and we were all ready to get up and go... in spirit, but not so much in body. I woke at 6:15 as more or less usual, but instead of hovering over the coffee pot, emptying the dishwasher, getting breakfast going... I snuggled on the sofa with Cole and then also Bunny. 6:45 rolled on by, as did 6:55. Generally Bunny has finished eating by then, and is already in the shower, but there we three were, watching something on Sprout.

7:00. "Hungee! Mama, hungee, hungee!"
Cole was in my face saying that. Alrighty! Up. Not at 'em, but up.

Later that morning after Bunny was at school, I was folding laundry on the floor when Carter comes up to me to report his brother had once again decided to try out pooping on the floor (phase, please let this be a SHORT phase...). I swooped Cole into a bubbly tub and just as I was about to wash his hair the phone rings.

Mrs. Parker from Bun's school is on the line, asking if I can bring Bunny some shoes. Now, I have said many times I was pretty dang tired that morning, but I am certain she was shod! Wore pants, too, I just *know* it. I'm a details person like that. But no, a strap on her shoe gave out, and I had about an hour until recess, which would be a great time for her to head to the office to get some shoes that actually remain on her feet.

So, I wrestle Cole out of the tub -- he is warm and happy, and hey, no diaper! He was happy in there, and didn't want me messing with his bubbly good times.

Fast forward past UNfolded laundry scattered around the living room by our resident Nobody, a shoe delivery, errands, a lost balloon, and the blurring details of daily life, and we all found ourselves staring at size 2 girls shoes. Bun had busted the strap on her only pair of sneakers, and the ones she has to grow into are still too big. Surprisingly she chose these beauties, which are her first pair with laces.

I know. She's 7. Going on 8! And lemme tell you, you want to randomly decide she has to learn something like how to tie laces when she has no desire to know how on her part, well, you BE MY GUEST. I figured she would not die an old lady wearing Sketchers Z-Straps no matter how lax I was on this front.

Whaddaya know, once she wanted to learn, she got it in about 5 minutes. Sure, it's still tricky, but she'll be a pro soon.

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