Sunday, November 16, 2008

What makes a rule?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, originally uploaded by MyCine.

You always hear the phrase that exceptions define rules. Generally it's some lame excuse for why English is so complicated to master or something like that.

In our home, we have the Star Wars Exception. Most any rule is voided by affiliation with Star Wars: movie violence (with exception of end of Episode III for Carter's eyes), bed times, appropriate toys (can anyone say blaster guns?)... Anyway, we're all enjoying the Toon network series The Clone Wars a lot, bed times be damned. My 3 year old also delights in shooting people around the house. You never know when an ambush may hit. Even the bathroom is not exempt apparently. ;)


Elle said...

It does look pretty cool. I haven't watched more than 5 mins of it, but it does look good.

Kristianna said...

If I didn't have kids I doubt I'd be watching. But all in all, good 'family' fare.


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