Saturday, November 01, 2008

All Hallow's Eve...

Here are my three little goblins right before we walked the streets begging door to door for candy. Bunny had a great time being scary -- no girlie costume for her this year -- and this was the first time Carter 'got' it. He had a wonderful time and was so excited, telling children we came across 'that's a great costume!' and running up to doors to knock and yell 'tricky treet!'. They both got a big haul, and Grandma and Gramps were at our house to hand out candy so that both Paul and I were able to walk with the kids for the first time.

As you can see, Carter opted out of face paint. I got the kit, but he said he wanted to 'be Carter' and not scary. Fine by me! Cole was mostly unseen and fell asleep on Paul's back about halfway through, which was good, because he was upset by all the ruckus at first.

Now to put up with all that candy in the house--and kids begging for their daily 1-2 pieces--until I get tired of it and chuck it all out sometime in about 3 weeks. Generally all that's left is the stuff they have no true desire to eat anyway. ;)

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