Tuesday, November 04, 2008


VOTE! , originally uploaded by treasureup.

This morning I woke Bunny at 6:45. Normally I'd let her sleep in until 7, then she would have had a leisurely breakfast. But this morning is Election Day, and she wanted to go to the polling place with me. Since I didn't want her to be late for school and figured the lines would only increase in length with time, we headed over at about opening time.

It took 35 mins to wait in line and get back home! Normally I literally walk in, hand over my ID, sign the register, then mosey on over to a partition. Not this morning--today there was a line. One of the poll workers said they're estimating a 85% participation in California this year.

So, civic duty: check. Now to avoid watching meaningless blah-blahing on TV for the next 15 hours. ;)


Laurie said...

I've been watching the meaningless blah blah blah all day! I can't wait for the results.

That's an impressive voter turnout!

Elle said...

Thankfully I've been at work, so I've avoided the pundits, but I've been checking the websites, and they are ready and waiting for results too.


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