Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proof positive boys are idiots.

This afternoon I got a phone call from Bunny's principal. She was fine and not in any trouble, but had been witness to some shenanigans on the playground. Apparently two boys who are not in her class were being goofy and pulled down their (own) pants. Bun says that everyone was playing tag and she's not sure why they pulled down their pants (probably seemed like a good idea at the time). So anyway, her friend M alerted the person on yard duty and the boys were taken into the office for interrogation, parents called, etc. Bunny was asked to relay what she had seen, and the principal called me to make sure I knew before I heard from Bunny and possibly got a wrong idea about what happened.

The principal said Bunny rolled her eyes when telling the story, as if to convey she thought they were damn fools. Which was pretty dead on. Those poor boys are probably not loving life tonight. Poor dummies.


Elle said...

I believe I need to remind you of Bun's views on boys--well, at least baby brothers:


Kristianna said...

I forgot how funny that video is. "If you think you want a brother, think again..."

Laurie said...

As the mother of a boy who has dropped his pants in the school yard....I agree with Bun.

Elle said...

Here's what I have learned: if a boy does something like that and you ask why, they will tell you they don't know. Chances are, they aren't lying. They thought it was a good idea at the time, and so they did it.

If a girl were to do the same thing, and you ask her why, and she says she doesn't know, she does know, but just doesn't want to tell you.

Boys may do silly things, but at least they are not so complicated like girls.


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