Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Unrest Alert

From WorldCue, which supposedly advises travelers of risks in various areas of the world. Example: going to Iraq now poses a risk of 'being blown to hell', etc. Well, here is what they posted about this week. In the U.S.

"Worldcue® Alert
Severity: Warning Alert

Security:: Civil unrest possible late Nov. 4-early Nov. 5 after U.S. election results are announced. Avoid demonstrations.

This alert affects United States.

This alert began 28 Oct 2008 16:51 GMT and is scheduled to expire 06 Nov 2008 23:59 GMT.
Event:Presidential election
Date: Nov. 4
Location: Nationwide
Impact: Heightened security; possible civil unrest

Security forces are preparing for outbreaks of civil unrest after the results of the Nov. 4 presidential election are announced. Thousands of police officers will be deployed during and after polling for the election between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, which will see either the nation's first black president or first female vice president take office. Mass protests are likely should Obama, who is leading in the run-up to the election, lose the final vote in a controversial manner. However, postings on dozens of Internet Web sites have also warned of violence should Obama win.

Small-scale political unrest is likely before, during and after the polls. Clashes at party rallies and small-scale attacks on party offices are possible. Record voter turnout could overload polling places on election day, further raising tensions. Violent unrest is most likely in Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. but could occur anywhere in the country.

Expect increased security leading up to and during the election. Avoid political gatherings."

I don't know what to think of this, but I personally am pretty amazed that 50 years ago someone who would have been segregated out of many social situations is our president-elect. I hope no one goes all Lee Harvey on him. I think MLK would have been astonished and proud. And, it speaks to the character of our nation, ultimately. We're so far from perfect it's not even worth trying to assess. But we continue to evolve, and I believe our fundamental asset is a goodness that I hope will carry us through troubled times.

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Elle said...

Agreed. What an amazing country we live in! I am proud. I also hope it shows that the color of my skin is not a testament to what I believe.


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