Sunday, November 23, 2008

Like Riding a Bicycle

My poor sweet child has all the grace of her mother. Meaning, none. But she's slowly becoming more confident on her bike.

She can't 'start' yet, needing help to get moving, but once moving she's generally pretty good.

She used to fall more than not when stopping, but a seat adjustment and some practice has paid off. Soon enough, with more practice, she'll be off all on her own. Despite running into some improbable things at the park (the basketball poll--TWICE IN ONE DAY!!, a garbage barrel), she is sticking with it, and showing what she lacks sometimes in innate coordination, she can make up for with persistence.


by Heidi-Marie said...

Oh! That is the SAME park Lily learned to ride her "big girl" bike (awwwwwwwww). Congrats, Bunny! BTW, those poles are just so inconveniently located. I mean, really, right in the middle of the courts. How's a girl to learn how to ride her bike with all those dang poles all over the place?! Now the trash cans... ummmm...

Kristianna said...

Wish Lil and Bun could ride bikes together... maybe this summer. :)


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