Thursday, July 29, 2010

There are times…

…like these, when our annual 4 week staycation that constitutes Little Guards pretty much blows me away.  I don’t often sit and take in the view, but yesterday I actually was able to plop down and simply drink it all in.  (For about 8 minutes, a new record!)  Really, to spend 4 weeks with my kids running free on the beach, nary a Backyardigan in sight, hours of digging and splashing—it is a lot of work sometimes, and by the end of the day when we’re back home, I often feel truly spent, mentally and physically—is a privilege so few know.



Denise said...

Gorgeous beach... all I have nearby for swimming is an alkali lake -- when you come home from swimming you have to have a shower to get all the white icky residue rinsed off... Not fun!

Kristianna said...

Thank you -- I imagine alkaline water has to be tough on the skin, but a day in the water is a good day, generally. Our water here is pretty cold, so you may have temperature on your side. :)


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