Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chugga Chugga

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Friday I had to come up with something to amuse ourselves as a dear friend and her family were struck with strep and walking pneumonia, and, understandably, had to cancel our play date.  They’re all on the mend, thank goodness…  Thank heavens for Google, too.  A few minutes of Googling around and I knew how we’d spend our afternoon.

Burke Lake Park was just what we needed.  We’re used to a lot of outdoors time, and if my kids don’t get some park time at least every other day, they are grumpy, which means I am too.  :)  In the summer beach time is a great substitute for park time, FYI.  ;)

The train there was a very nice surprise.

virginia2010 007

Bunny was excited to go to the ticket counter and buy for us all by herself.

virginia2010 023

My bigger two were excited as we found our seats.

virginia2010 013

My baby was not a stoked.  He really didn’t want to stay on the train as we waited a few very long minutes to start moving.

virginia2010 026

Once we started to chug along, that quickly changed.

virginia2010 030

The train takes a lovely route through woods by Lake Burke as well as a meadow.  I think the kids liked the tunnel and very small trestle the most.

virginia2010 033

By the end of our 10 minute ride Cole did a typical 180.  He was just as reluctant to leave the train as he was to board.

virginia2010 034

It really is a fine looking little train, too.

virginia2010 035

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