Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gloomy Beach Day

It’s usual to have morning fog here – it’s a saving grace, actually.  Fog = salvation from flames of hell consuming everything.  Also, in the mountains, it provides an astonishing amount of water to trees, etc.  I like a sunny morning as much as any person, but I appreciate foggy mornings a lot, too.

Usually on our side of ‘the hill’ the fog burns off sometime between 9 and 11 a.m., but often it lingers at the coast, and it has really lingered this week!  We don’t mind, though.  There is something different and peaceful about the beach when it’s emptier, when sweaters are needed.  That’s when we explore.

Working out some testosterone, scaring me hoping that rock the kelp is still attached to doesn’t fly at anyone…


Gently poking a sea star, which we left to wash back into the surf… wanna make me angry?  Pick up one of these and tote it back to your blanket, then play with it.  Hello!!  It’s ALIVE, people…  anyway!  :)


Remembering, once again, that gross and cool can and do coexist.

Feeling happy we brought ‘the grabber’ that day, since gross also is linked closely to touching and carrying around—just to see what happens.

However, the sun did make a brief appearance after Little Guards was over, and we were also pleased to explore a little more in the glittering afternoon.




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