Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Living in a place that spontaneously combusts has its downside: not much in the way of good public fireworks displays, and almost nothing in summer for the 4th.  As a consequence, people smuggle in fireworks from other states and Reservations and shoot ‘em off in cul de sacs and other places, which is fun, but not the same as a big show.

So, it was an extra special treat to head to the local show when visiting my friends Alysen & Shawn for July 4th.  After a full day of play, you’d think these kids would be a little calm, but nooooo.  Of course not  -- it’s exciting to be out in a big field at dusk with thousands of people, allowed to run free.

virginia2010 222

virginia2010 216

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There were 9 kids ages 1 through 8 in our group, and many others very happy to join in a mad, senseless run just for the fun of it.  Eventually it was nearly pitch black, and we parents called the children over to sit for the show.

virginia2010 269

Cole was so excited he tried to grab at the sky and shouted out the colors he saw at the LOUDEST volume possible.  It was pretty funny.  Once, he screamed, “Red!” in a blood curdling yell.  Can you say overstimulated?  :)

virginia2010 276

After we returned to our hosts’ house, it was sparkler time.

virginia2010 279

After a few, the kids were swinging them around like those fire dancers we sometimes see in Santa Cruz.

virginia2010 284

The kids, except Cole who was out for the count before we left the parking lot at the fireworks show, didn’t get to bed until 12:30, but it was worth it.  I am so happy my three got to experience an Independence Day more like mine when I was little, though we’ll be happy to have our neighborhood parade and cake walk next year, too.  It’s all good fun, and ALL GOOD.

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